My Favourite Herb…

I have often been asked “what is your favourite herb?” And the answer is, it depends on the day. Truthfully there are so many lovely herbs, as you get to know them they become like friends, so many different moods and types of friendship, and the relationships deepen over time.



There are more than a hundred species of roses found all over the world. The ones advisable to use for medicine or food include R. canina, R. arkansa, R. laevigata, and R. rugosa.


The flowers are edible, as are the fruits; known as “hips,” they are exceptionally rich in vitamin C. The seeds contain an oil, which is extracted as an antioxidant and scar-reducing agent. Rose is also known to reduce the effects of aging when applied to the skin. 

Taken internally, rose is an uplifting herb. Helpful to the stomach and digestion, it is also a liver stimulant and tonic for the womb and kidneys. Some species have anticancer activity.

Use the listed wild species for food and medicine, not garden hybrids.

Many herbalists think of rose as being as close as you can get to  love in a bottle.

19. picture of grave with roses

When we buried my dad David Waller in May 2014, we filled his grave with red rose petals, and placed more cut roses on top. My friend Dauji (who is very creative and spontaneous) started to pick up the roses and stick them in the ground – so the grave looked lovely at the end of the funeral.

38 sprouting rose

Imagine our delight when we noticed in September that several of the roses had rooted and started to sprout new leaves.

It reminded me of how my dad always used to sing, “I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden, along with the sunshine…” every time it rained!