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“Zowie! One of my favorite herbal authors hits a homer again!  I didn’t know you could do so many things with herbs. Pip Waller stretches the herbal imagination!”  

Matthew Wood MS (Herbal Medicine) Registered Herbalist (American Herbalists Guild)


“Another wonderful, very useful, and incredibly beautiful, book from Pip Waller.” 

Stephen Harrod Buhner. Herbalist, Poet, Author and Deep Ecologist. Author of 15 books including The Lost Language of Plants and The Secret Teachings of Plants.


“Pip, a successful and experienced herbalist, has put together a wonderful compendium of her own and her colleagues favorite recipes.”

Eliot Cowan. Plant Spirit Medicine Elder, Author and Founder of the Blue Deer Centre. Author of Plant Spirit Medicine.


“This is an amazing resource full of recipes for a wide variety of daily living and healing products. Great for our health and the environment! I recommend it to anyone who wants to live well and develop a deeper relationship with the products that they use.”

Michael Vertolli. Founder of Living School of Herbalsim, 


“This book of recipes has many gems which will delight everyone from  experienced professional herbalists to herb-loving beginners. A truly creative and inspirational book.”   

Lucy Harmer. Feng shui and space clearing expert and international author of Shamanic Astrology and Discovering Your Spirit Animal.


“Having known Pip for approaching thirty years her on-going commitment to herbal medicine and health care is as fervent now as it was then. Drawing on her own and colleagues knowledge this book presents a practical guide in how to make, prepare, and use home remedies; from laundry mixtures to lozenges, The Domestic Alchemist offers a practical, encyclopaedic guide on how to do it yourself from your own home.” 

Steve Kippax MSc MBIMH MRCHM MBAcC Past President of NIMH. Head of complementary medicine at The Third Space Medicine London’s leading integrated medical centre.


“Pip Waller has drawn together contributions from many internationally renowned herbalists each of whom is a specialist in their own area.  This essential compendium will delight and excite each and every reader whether they are a herbalist or those with a more general interest in the subject.  It is an indispensible guide with easy to follow recipes and lovely illustrations.    Having been a medical herbalist for over twenty years, I am certain that this will become a useful and frequently used resource.  I believe that this book will stand the test of time and for many years to come will remain the must have text for everyone interested in Domestic Alchemy.”  

Dedj Leibbrandt Fellow of National Institute of Medical Herbalists