Here I will post recipes from the book at seasonally appropriate times, and also regularly post new recipes I am trying out or which others give to me. Please do contact me and let me know how you have got on with any recipe from this site, or from the book – all comments, and all contributions for new recipes, gratefully received.

fresh herbs and bottle

Drinks & Nibbles

What I’m experimenting with at the moment is how to use everything – making drinks, from tinctures to juices to syrups and cordials – and what to do with the fruit, vegetable or herb pulp left over. 

Healthy & Delicious

I just bought a juicer (after years of hearing friends talk about how great they feel once they start juicing! ) and am enjoying experimenting with juices and recipes for using the pulp.

Lovely Laundry

I like to experiment and will post recipes when I do,  or when I receive contributions from other domestic alchemists