This book would not be the wonderful and varied treasure trove of delights that it is without so many wonderful plant people having given me contributions of their favourite and fabulous recipes. THANK YOU ALL – this site is still under construction..please let me know any problems with your contact link etc



Louise Berliner is an artist and writer from Concorde Mass. USA who loves to play with herbs.

ChaNan Bonser practises creative kinesiology and runs ‘Elemental Medicine’, offering physiotherapy treatments in Wales, UK.

 Lynn-Amanda Brown is a multi-faceted therapist and healer who works in alliance with the sacred energies of the natural world. She lives in Wales, UK.

Stephen Buhner is the award-winning author of 15 books on nature, indigenous cultures, the environment and herbal medicine. He is one of the co-founders of The Foundation for Gaian Studies, an organization that explores and promotes our reconnection with Nature. He lives in New Mexico, USA.

Anne Chiotis is a UK based herbalist near Wolverhampton.

Sharon Cohen is a native plant expert living in the forests of Maryland, USA. She runs Native Design, a company providing heart-based ecological restoration and garden design.

Michael Cole is a UK forager passionate about making Leafu – a protein-rich food made from nettles and other edible wild greens.

Rachel Corby is a gardener, forager and writer based in Stroud, UK. She runs Gateways to Eden, offering treatments and running workshops on the power of plants.

Eliot Cowan developed Plant Spirit Medicine and lives at the Blue Deer Center, New York State, USA. He travels widely, teaching, healing and promoting a balanced relationship with the human and other-than-human worlds.

Lesley Cunningham knows a lot about treating her horse friends with herbs.

Anna Dowding is a true domestic alchemist from North Wales UK who invents brilliant lotions and potions and co-runs Getafix first aid and wild water sports experiences.

Geoff Edwards was a herbalist for many years and now runs UK based Taijiquan centre Wutan Bournemouth

Teri Evans is a medical herbalist and runs Cunnynge Herbs in Shropshire, UK. Here she sells artisan herbal tinctures and holds workshops on using herbs.

Annie Gardner is a herbalist based in Totnes, UK.

Monika Ghent is a herbalist and a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer. She runs Dreaming Willow natural therapies in Toronto, Canada, and designs and makes natural skin care products.

Lucy Harmer is an international author and teacher based in Geneva, Switzerland. She is also a feng shui and space clearing expert, and a high priestess on the Celtic Shamanic Path.

Shelley Harrison is a healer and yoga teacher.near Ottawa, Canada.

Tony Haslegrave is a bloke who likes to make things out of nothing.

Christine Herren-Valette is a Swiss herbalist who trained as a medical nurse. She now runs a successful small business, Sancta Herba, making herbal products.

Johanna Herzog is a herbalist and Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner. She runs a school of medicinal plants, or Heilkraeuterausbildung, near Hamburg,Germany.

Wizz Holland is a Plant Spirit Medicine healer, forager, fire keeper and animal communicator. Also a poet and artist, she is based in Devon, UK.

Louise Idoux is a medical herbalist from Shropshire, UK. She runs the Oswestry Herbarium, providing treatments and courses on making herbal products.

Catherine Johnson is a medical herbalist who runs Hilltop Herbs near Wrexham,  North Wales, UK.

Barbara Jones is an experienced veterinary surgeon who runs a Vet Holistic in Shropshire, UK.

Steve Kippax is a herbalist and TCM practitioner. He is Head of Complementary Medicine at The Third Space Medicine, London’s leading integrated medical centre.

Dedj Leibrandt is a herbalist and teacher in Hampshire, UK. Dedj was awarded a Fellowship of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists for her work on acute medicine and herbal first aid.

Marc Luyckx is a domestic alchemist in Switzerland.

Anne McIntyre is an experienced herbalist, plant grower, writer and teacher, based in the Cotswolds, UK.

Neil McNulty is a herbalist, iridologist and facilitator who lives in Zagreb, Croatia. His practice is called Herba Vitalis, and his healing sanctuary is called ‘Wild at Heart’.

Alaina Mecklenburgh is a master herbalist practising in the southern part of the Lake District in the UK.

Joe Nasr is a medical herbalist, osteopath and senior lecturer in herbal medicine, as well as a dedicated and experienced plant distiller. In 1997 Joe founded Avicenna, a company producing unique, high-quality herbal products in Wales, UK.

Jenny Pao is a holistic health practitioner and aromatherapist. She runs Nectar Essences, a company based in San Francisco, USA

Annie Powell runs the Little Green Cream Company, making top-quality ethical skincare products in Wales, UK.

Lynn Rawlinson is a medical herbalist and holistic therapist who lives and works in Merseyside, UK.    

Anna Richardson runs wild food foraging courses for Circle of Life Rediscovery, UK, and is a Forest School leader and author. 

Melissa Ronaldson is a UK-based herbalist with a passion for snuff. She is co-founder of the Herbal Snuff Company.

Jeanne Rose is an aromatherapist in San Francisco, USA. She runs ‘The Aromatic Plant Project’ and is the director and principal tutor of the Institute of Aromatic Studies.

Anthony Seifert is a Californian herbalist who is on the faculty at the Ohlone Center for Herbal Studies in Berkeley, CA. He works with both humans and animals, and also runs a herbal supply company, Great Blue Heron Botanical Medicine Making Project.

Sensory Solutions is a UK-based company run by traditional herbalists Karen Lawton and Fiona Heckels. They teach, grow and collect plants to produce beautiful, high-quality remedies.

Maida Silverman is an expert on wild plants that grow in New York City, USA, where she has lived all her life.

Tanya Smart runs the Yemoya company in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK, which makes the best organic soaps ever.

Karen Stephenson has created and runs Edible Wild Foods, a wonderful website about foraging and eating wild food. She lives in Ontario, Canada.

Iain Stewart is a herbalist working with the Rhizome Community Clinic in Bristol UK.

Sucandra devi dasi is a domestic alchemist from Hertfordshire UK.

Kamala Todd is an artist based in Malvern, UK, who makes rose petal bead jewellery. For prices/commissions email Phone 07896310779 . 

making rose beads from kamala


Michael Vertolli is a Western traditional herbalist who lives in Ontario, Canada. He is the founder and director of the Living Earth School of Herbalism.

Emma Warrener is a herbalist in Lincolnshire, UK. She runs Herbs for Health and Wellbeing.

Susun Weed is a herbalist and teacher based in Woodstock, USA. She is the voice of the Wise Woman Way.

Neil Williams is a herbalist who practises in the north-west of England, UK.

Sue Wine is a McTimoney chiropractic based in Chester, Cheshire, UK.

Matthew Wood is a professional member of the American Herbalist’s Guild and the author of six books on herbal medicine. He lives in Oregon, USA.

Yasodanandan das is a lovely Bhakta who generously allowed me to adapt some recipes from the wonderful book Kitchen of Love.