By Pip Waller

The Domestic Alchemist (The Herbal Handbook for Home & Health – USA) by Herbalist Pip Waller is a beautifully designed recipe book offering a large selection of recipes for all kinds of stuff you can make with plants/herbs. Not just medicines – though it has comprehensive sections on these – but also eco cleaning products, soaps, laundry stuff, foods and drinks, health supplements like DIY mineral supplements, beauty creams and lotions, hair care stuff, toothpaste and shaving foam, mascara and lipstick, and all kinds of oddities ranging from string to beads made of rose petals to mouse repellent, a few traditional charms and DIY car wax, and much, much more.

The Domestic Alchemist – 501 Herbal Recipes for Home, Health & Happiness

Publishing Feb 2015


The same book (with just a few small language differences) is published in the USA by North Atlantic Books as:

The Herbal Handbook for Home and Health: 501 Recipes for Healthy Living, Green Cleaning, and Natural Beauty

da-US-coverThe recipes range from very simple – like room sprays, involving adding some essential oils to water in a spray bottle – to very complicated – like cream making, distilling your own aromatic waters, and even making rosary beads!


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They include top class herbal remedies for all sorts of diseases and problems, many kindly given by top herbalists from around the world.



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There are also a few introductory chapters and a section of 80 short herb profiles to introduce a few useful plants and whet your appetite for learning more.

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The recipes were gathered from many expert herbalist and plant lovers in UK and Europe and across the USA, and include many recipes that I have gathered, created and adapted or evolved from here and there over the years.

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I was surprised and pleased to be given so many interesting recipes – the book evolved and changed as these came in. the book is so interesting it stimulated me to start making all sorts of things I hadn’t made before which has been great fun.

I really hope you enjoy the book and have a lot of fun beginning or deepening your connection with nature and the world of plants in using THE DOMESTIC ALCHEMIST recipe book.


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